August 23, 2021
Foreign Trade

ProChile encourages SMEs in the forestry industry to regain international markets

ProChile encourages SMEs in the forestry industry to regain international markets
ProChile is encouraging SMEs in the forestry industry to regain international markets during the second half of the year, through various initiatives to help local exporters sell their products abroad.

“The pandemic has had a significant impact on forestry SMEs in southern Chile due to the reduced availability of wood and labor. These have been compounded by other difficulties such as the global shortage of shipping containers, a problem that has been addressed by ProChile and Biobío’s Foreign Trade Logistics Board (Comex),” explained Yolanda Lobos, ProChile’s Deputy Regional Director.

One of these initiatives is called “Commercial activation for the forest sector in the Mexican market,” coordinated with ProChile’s Commercial Office in Mexico City. It will be implemented this week with nine wood companies, mostly SMEs, seven of which are from the Biobío Region, one from Maule and the other from Valparaíso.

Fifteen Mexican importers will participate, mostly wholesale distributors of construction materials and furniture, with some retail suppliers.

The Biobío Region supplies wood products for the agriculture industry, like poles and posts; impregnated lumber; boxes, bins, and pallets; sawn, dried, cut-to-size, planed timber; veneers, panels, and boards; remanufactured wood, including doors, windows and molds, etc.

Aside from these meetings, there will be seminars with Mexico’s main trade association partners, IMEXFOR (National Association of Importers and Exporters of Forest Products), and Durango State authorities, to talk about production linkage opportunities.

In addition, on September 1 and 2 there will be an online Business Roundtable for Forestry Suppliers, organized as part of the “Week of Wood 2021”, a virtual event organized by ProChile and CORMA (Chilean Wood Corporation).

“The online Business Roundtable for Forestry Suppliers is an opportunity to make contacts with international buyers from markets in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay,” highlighted Yolanda Lobos.

“The activity is focused on companies offering technological solutions for the wood industry, including supplies such as forestry equipment, saws and remanufacturing machines, cutting tools, personal protective equipment, as well as engineering and architecture services, and other services in general (monitoring, control, optimization, etc.),” said the Regional Director of ProChile Biobío.

Exporters participating in the online Business Roundtable for Forestry Suppliers will be able to contact new importers through virtual meetings, arranged in schedules previously available to interested parties. “Companies will also have the chance to attend technical speeches, which will be delivered by prominent specialists invited by CORMA to discuss main trends in the industry,” said the ProChile representative.