August 5, 2021
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Chile stands out internationally as a post-pandemic travel destination

Chile stands out internationally as a post-pandemic travel destination
After more than a year of the pandemic, the tourism industry is preparing itself for travel in “coronavirus mode”.

Along these lines, several international media outlets have highlighted Chile and its landscapes as must-see travel destinations for outdoor activities, such as hiking and horseback riding, all with the offer of sustainable lodging.

Among Chile’s most outstanding places are: 

The Huasco Valley

The Star recommends ecotourism and agrotourism in what is known as “the Atacama Garden”, inviting you to travel the Olive Route and indulge in its olive tasting.

Other attractions include the opportunity to learn about the Diaguita culture, take part in astronomical tourism and visit the Llanos de Challe National Park. 

Laguna del Laja National Park

Further south, in the municipality of Antuco in the Biobío Region, The Star recommends visiting the Laguna del Laja World Biosphere Reserve, encouraging you to participate in sustainable tourism. 

The Route of Living Human Treasures

Just a short distance from Santiago, in the municipality of Farellones, The Star describes this destination as a “a true cultural experience”, where local communities receive tourists traveling on horses or mules. 

Chiloé Island

Chiloé stands out as a favorite destination because of its palafitos (stilt houses), wooden churches and typical cuisine. Here in Los Lagos Region, visitors can wander around Castro’s market and try some of its most characteristic dishes. 


Internationally celebrated for its diverse offer of sustainable lodging, such as Ecocamp, Explora, and the Tierra and Awasi Hotels, The Star and Forbes recognize Chilean Patagonia and the Torres del Paine National Park as a leading travel destination during this new phase of the pandemic. 

Easter Island

Finally, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is one of our country’s leading tourist destinations according to Forbes magazine, due to its mysterious ancestral culture and its enigmatic stone statues, known as moai. A must-see destination during these times that favor outdoor activities.  


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