June 17, 2021
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ProChile organizes energy and infrastructure summit to share experiences of domestic non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) development with Colombia and Paraguay

ProChile organizes energy and infrastructure summit to share experiences of domestic non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) development with Colombia and Paraguay
The event will include a business matching forum in which 140 companies will participate: 62 from Chile, 53 from Colombia and 25 from Paraguay.

ProChile, in collaboration with the Chilean Chamber of Construction, the Association of Engineering Consultancy Companies and the Chilean Association of Solar Energy inaugurated the Virtual Energy and Infrastructure Summit 2021: Chile, Colombia, Paraguay.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Director General of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan, with the special participation of the Colombian Transport Ministry’s Vice Minister of Infrastructure, Mrs. Olga Lucía Ramírez; Paraguay’s Public Works and Communications Minister, Mr. Arnoldo Wiens; and Chile’s Public Works Minister, Mr. Alfredo Moreno Charme.

The purpose of the summit, which will be held virtually from Tuesday, June 15, to Thursday, June 17, is to open up a space for promoting and bringing the supply of domestic goods and services from both subsectors closer to Colombian and Paraguayan buyers. This is because Chile is considered a Latin American benchmark in the energy and non-conventional renewable energy markets, as well as in infrastructure projects that emphasize engineering services.

ProChile’s Director General, Jorge O’Ryan, stated that he was proud to be able to provide this space. “This summit will be a meeting point for companies from these three markets to make business contacts and establish win-win relationships in areas that are a priority for economic reactivation.”

During his presentation, Mr. O’Ryan highlighted that Chile is a regional benchmark in terms of non-conventional renewable energy and, furthermore, that the country has 25 years of experience regarding concessions. In light of this, Mr. O’Ryan explained that “one of the objectives of this event is to bring our business offer in these areas closer to buyers and to contribute to diversifying our export matrix through an innovative offer based on human talent.”

Both Colombia and Paraguay have markets with a high growth potential in both sectors. Furthermore, both countries possess an interesting level of development and face challenges to internationalize, in order to meet domestic demand. These are aspects in which Chilean service companies can become strategic allies.

Business Matching Forum, Conferences and Seminars

The summit’s agenda includes holding three conferences: one on energy; one on infrastructure; and one that presents success stories, conducted by Tomás Galassi, International Business Manager at R&Q Engineering Colombia; Mario Cuevas, CEO of Urban Domusen in Paraguay; Horacio Vásquez, Founder and CEO of Lader Energy in Colombia; and Jean-Pierre Juanchich, LatAm Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons.

Three other seminars will take place in addition to these conferences: one on Paraguay’s projects agenda; another on Colombia’s projects agenda; and a third on sustainability, focused on the Paraguayan market.

Over the three days of the summit, a business matching forum will also be held, which will bring together a total of 140 companies: 62 from Chile; 53 from Colombia; and 25 from Paraguay. 61 of these companies are from the energy sector, 42 from the infrastructure sector and 37 are defined as belonging to both sectors. 200 business meetings are expected to take place over the three days.