April 20, 2021
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COVID-19: New cases decrease nationally by 5% and Health Ministry announces 14 municipalities will move forward in Plan Paso a Paso (step-by-step plan)

COVID-19: New cases decrease nationally by 5% and Health Ministry announces 14 municipalities will move forward in Plan Paso a Paso (step-by-step plan)
Nationwide positivity rate for PCR tests over the last 24 hours is 8.72% and in the Metropolitan Region it is 9%.

“Today our nationwide results for positive PCR tests is less than 9% and with 72,839 PCR tests, we have decreased the number of cases nationwide by 5%.  However, this is not a reason to celebrate.  On the contrary, we have to continue working to fight the pandemic,” affirmed Health Minister Enrique Paris, during the daily COVID-19 update. 

“We have continued to work on four fronts, doing everything humanly possible to achieve positive results, thanks, as always, to our healthcare teams.  We have continued to strengthen the integrated public-private healthcare network with the addition of high complexity beds and ventilator beds, with the Plan Paso a Paso, based as always on strict health criteria. This has allowed some regions or municipalities to move forward or backwards, while maintaining the rhythm of vaccination,” the Minister pointed out.

Minister Paris mentioned that worldwide “142 million people were infected over the last weeks and the total increase in cases over the last seven days reached 5.3 million.  This is the highest weekly increase in cases since the start of the pandemic with huge increases in India, Brazil and in the Southern Cone of Latin America.” 

In this regard, the Health Minister reiterated the need to “continue working together, without letting our guard down or giving up.”

COVID-19 immunization campaign

Minister Paris highlighted that 500 thousand doses of the Sinovac vaccine arrived to Chile on Sunday.  In regards to that, he said, “We must continue with the vaccine schedule. We can only vaccinate according to what we receive from abroad and the manufacturing capacity of the different companies with which we have agreements.  Therefore, it isn´t feasible to open up uncontrolled mass vaccination and for this same reason we set in place the vaccination schedule which needs to be adhered to by the vaccination centers.”

Minister Paris also informed that more doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will arrive this week along with “the first batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine brought to us through the COVAX agreement.”

As for the COVID-19 immunization progress, Minister Paris informed that 7,735,162 people have been vaccinated, equivalent to 50.9% of the target population.  He compared this number to the United States, which announced yesterday that they had reached 50.4% of the population. 

Additionally, 5,428,829 people have been completely vaccinated, equivalent to 35.7% of the target population.

Plan Paso a Paso

Public Health Undersecretary Paula Daza announced the changes in the Plan Paso a Paso.

-Move forward to Transition on Thursday, April 22 at 5am:  Ovalle (Coquimbo Region); Pichilemu (O’Higgins Region); Treguaco and San Ignacio (Ñuble Region); Cañete (Biobío Region); Puerto Octay and Hualaihué (Los Lagos Region).

-Move forward to Preparation: Tocopilla (Antofagasta Region); Huasco (Atacama Region), Andacollo and Combarbalá (Coquimbo Region); Pencahue (Maule Region); Ancud and Llanquihue (Los Lagos Region).

-Move back to Transition: Canela (Coquimbo Region); Licantén and Vichuquén (Maule Region).

-Move back to Preparation: Aysén (Aysén Region).