April 13, 2021
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COVID-19: Minister Paris proposes working together with Southern Cone countries to address the pandemic

COVID-19: Minister Paris proposes working together with Southern Cone countries to address the pandemic
Officials reiterated that the steady increase of younger patients in Intensive Care Units continues.

During the daily COVID-19 update, Health Minister Enrique París said he spoke with his counterpart in Argentina, Dr. Carla Vizzottl, about the pandemic situation. “We both believe that while the countries of the Southern Cone, of Latin America, are going through this difficult stage of the pandemic, there must be cooperation and we must work together. This is why we will hold a virtual meeting this week,” said the Minister.

Regarding the evolution of admissions of patients into critical bed units, Minister París mentioned that “we know and are aware of the tremendous efforts being made by healthcare teams and all healthcare personnel and cannot comprehend the dangerous and uncontrolled attitude of some groups of people who keep putting their lives at risk by not complying by the health measures.  We are seeing much younger patients being admitted to the Intensive Care Units as the number of patients being admitted over age 60 is decreasing.”

Plan Paso a Paso (Step-by-Step plan)

Public Health Undersecretary Paula Daza announced changes in the Plan Paso a Paso.

-From Thursday, April 15 at 5am:

Advance to Transition:  Tal Tal (Antofagasta Region); Huasco (Atacama Region); Navidad (O’Higgins Region); Pelluhue (Maule Region); Lebu (Biobío Region) and Quinchao (Los Lagos Region).

Advance to Preparation: Mejillones (Antofagasta Region); Freirina (Atacama Region); Contulmo and Tirúa (Biobío Region); and Futaleufú (Los Lagos Region).

Move back to Transition: Huara (Tarapacá Region); Antuco and Alto Biobío (Biobío Region); Río Ibáñez and Cisnes (Aysén Region); and Punta Arenas (Magallanes Region).

Move back to Quarantine: Caldera (Atacama Region); San Esteban (Valparaíso Region); La Estrella (O’Higgins Region); Sagrada Familia (Maule Region); and Los Muermos (Los Lagos Region).

COVID-19 vaccination campaign

The Health Minister announced the arrival of new doses of Pfizer-BioNTech and Sinovac vaccines over the weekend.

“Today we received a shipment of 201,825 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines and on Saturday we received one million Sinovac doses.  We have been showing a sign and it is important to remember that we are favoring the second dose because we know that a significant amount of antibodies is obtained 14 days after receiving it,” indicated París. 

In regards to the progress of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, Minister París informed that 7,370,951 people have been vaccinated, which is equivalent to 48.5% of the target population that should vaccinated.  In addition, 4,664,573 people have completed their vaccination process with both doses, equivalent to 30.7% of the target population.

Minister París reminded everyone that “we mustn’t let our guard down and we must continue taking care because even if we are vaccinated, we have to be careful, behave responsibly and continue wearing masks, washing our hands and maintaining physical distance.”

Additionally, Public Health Undersecretary Paula Daza informed that vaccination begins this week for people aged 48 and 49 years old.  In regards to the vaccination campaign she pointed out that “we have to be responsible and wise about the designation of the vaccines.  This is why we have set a schedule that advances according to vaccine availability in the country and we cannot put at risk the vaccination of the second doses.”