April 7, 2021

Energy and Mining Bi-Minister Juan Carlos Jobet highlighted recovery of almost 30 thousand jobs in the mining sector

Energy and Mining Bi-Minister Juan Carlos Jobet highlighted recovery of almost 30 thousand jobs in the mining sector
The National Mining Society (SONAMI) reported this figure, which corresponds to data collected in the December 2020-February 2021 mobile quarter.

A total of 29,500 jobs in the mining industry have been recovered over the recent months according to the latest quarterly report on employment in the sector prepared by the National Mining Society (SONAMI). 

The data was collected by the trade association during the December 2020-February 2021 mobile quarter to which, when added to those already calculated, total 214,400 mining jobs.

The Energy and Mining Bi-Minister, Juan Carlos Jobet, highlighted these figures and assured that “this was the best employment level recorded in the last ten months and it reflects the work of the mining companies together with their workers.  Jobs are being recovered during these difficult times due to the pandemic and specifically benefit the areas where mining projects are located, without losing sight of people’s safety and health.”

The bi-minister recalled that “the numbers of COVID-19 infections in the mining industry are lower than the national average and this is because of the commitment the companies have to continue operations by implementing strict health protocols.  This, as well as the workers themselves taking on responsibility and self-care, has allowed for mining operations to function almost normally during the last year.”

Lastly, he maintained that “if we do things well, without lowering our guard in the face of the pandemic, we can head safely towards economic recovery where mining plays an important role.”

If we compare the 214,400 jobs that were recorded in the latest study with the 184,900 jobs from the May-July 2020 mobile quarter, which recorded the lowest level of employment last year, we can see a considerable increase in jobs.

SONAMI’s Research Manager, Alvaro Merino, pointed out that “mining employment increased by 12,300 jobs with respect to the immediately preceding records; this in an increase of 6%.  We hope and trust that employment in mining will continue to increase over the next months as the construction of mining projects begin to regain strength.”

This trend in the mining industry goes hand in hand with the country as whole.  According to data by the National Statistics Institute (INE) at the beginning of the month, of the 2 million jobs that were lost due to the pandemic, 1,094,000 jobs have been recovered in the past seven months.

“As mining investments resume with vigor, its multiplying impact will continue to boost employment growth and along with it, unemployment in the mining regions will continue to decline,” concluded Merino.