March 10, 2021
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DW- Germany: Chile becomes the world leader in COVID-19 vaccination administration

DW- Germany: Chile becomes the world leader in COVID-19 vaccination administration
Israel had been the country that vaccinated the fastest, with an average of 1.03 doses per day per 100 habitants. Chilean officials reported an average of 1.08 per day and a total of over 4 million people vaccinated.

With an average of 1.08 doses given daily per 100 inhabitants inoculated over the past seven days, on Tuesday (3/9/2021), Chile became the country with the fastest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the world.

The results are reflected in the most recent data provided by Oxford University’s Our World in Data program. Chilean officials also disseminated the information.

"In today’s global ranking, Chile has the fastest vaccination rate in the world based on last week’s average," Health Minister Enrique Paris announced to the press on Tuesday after receiving the information.

The figure reflects only single doses and cannot provide the total number of people vaccinated depending on the regime (such as, for example, individuals who have received multiple doses).

Over 4 million vaccinated

As of March 1, Chile placed 8th in this ranking, reporting 0.37 doses per 100 inhabitants. It was outpaced by Israel (1.12), Arab Emirates (0.68), the United Kingdom (0.58), the United States (0.54), Morocco (0.47), Bahrain (0.45) and Serbia (0.43). Between March 2 and 3, Chile jumped from 7th to 3rd in the world.

Until now, Israel had led the inoculation of doses based on the average for the past seven days. The latest data put its average today at 1.03.

Based solely on data from this Monday, Chile also positioned itself as the global leader in the administration of the vaccine per 100 inhabitants, with an average of 1.67 doses compared to Israel’s rate of 1.2 for the same date.

"In addition, we have administered nearly five million doses, quickly surpassing four million people vaccinated. Our country can be proud of how this process has been developed," he added.

A total of 4,176,094 people have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Chile, which represents over 21% of the country’s total population.

Of these, 772,389 have already received both doses, completing the vaccination process. Furthermore, 2,653,488 doses have been administered to individuals over the age of 60.

The vaccination campaign deployed by Chile’s health institutions is the leader in Latin America and one of the best in the world. Its success is due to the extensive primary healthcare network, which covers the country’s length of 4,200-plus kilometers of territory.