January 18, 2021
Foreign Trade

“Choose Chile” seminar attracts more than 800,000 viewers and strengthens Chile’s position as a destination for investment in technology and sustainability

“Choose Chile” seminar attracts more than 800,000 viewers and strengthens Chile’s position as a destination for investment in technology and sustainability
Organized by the Economy Ministry and aired on January 12 and 13, 2021, the event sought to promote foreign investment in Chile.

President of Chile Sebastián Piñera took part in a two-day seminar entitled “Choose Chile, A partner for a sustainable future”. He was accompanied by former President Ricardo Lagos, Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Lucas Palacios, Transport and Telecommunications Minister Gloria Hutt, Public Works Minister Alfredo Moreno, Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet, Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Minister Andrés Couve, and InvestChile Director Andrés Rodríguez, as well as other distinguished panelists.

Aired on January 12 and 13, 2021, the event was designed to promote foreign investment in Chile and attracted more than 2,000 registered participants and 800,000 viewers. Infrastructure, clean energy, sustainable investment and new technology were the main themes of the event organized by the Economy Ministry.

President Piñera opened the seminar, highlighting the importance of clean and renewable energy to Chile’s development over the coming decade. Projected investment in the sector already totals US$28 billion and “will enable us to not only increase our installed energy capacity but also reach the 2030 goal of 70% of our energy matrix coming from clean and renewable energy sources.” Furthermore, the President emphasized that the agenda “seeks to meet our growth expectations as well as make progress with clean and renewable energy sources, which will enable us to become a carbon-neutral country.” The President added, “in 2020, we announced the national mobility infrastructure plan, which aims to prepare our society for the challenges of the next 30 years. The plan includes around US$50 billion in investment and includes roads, streets, ports, airports and railway infrastructure,” he said.

The seminar sought to promote Chile as a hub for development and investment in different areas during the new decade that has just begun. The world’s leading technology companies have already opted for Chile. Economy Minister Lucas Palacios emphasized, “we are now seeing another type of highly important investment in Chile, which is going to change the economy of the future: the arrival of investment in technological and digital industries. Major companies such as Microsoft, Google and Oracle are already coming here. Over the next five years, we have US$4.5 billion in investment from the world’s leading technology companies,” he said.

InvestChile Director Andrés Rodríguez also noted that “foreign investment is continuing to play a key role in our economic recovery in terms of the pandemic, especially the very urgent task of job creation. Creating the conditions and opportunities to attract such investment is a task for both the public and private sectors. As an agency, we are working to integrate those efforts.”

Participating in this important platform for attracting foreign investment to Chile, Former President of Chile Ricardo Lagos emphasized the certainty that Chile offers. “We're going to reactivate the economy in a responsible manner and we're in a position to do so while continuing to be a country where the risks are known to everyone.” The former President highlighted how the country has changed course towards becoming a green economy and doing the critical work on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He stated, “we're going to be at the very forefront of Latin America.”

A recording of the event is available for viewing at https://eligechile.economia.cl/