December 4, 2020
Proceso Constitucional

The government and the OECD sign a technical agreement that supports Chile's constitutional process

The government and the OECD sign a technical agreement that supports Chile's constitutional process
During his visit to France, Foreign Affairs Minister Andrés Allamand met with the OECD Secretary General, Ángel Gurría, where they signed a technical agreement that supports Chile's constitutional process.

Mr. Allamand explained, "We have signed a very important agreement to fulfill one of the government’s obligations in relation to the current constitutional process. The government must provide technical support to whoever is responsible for drafting a new constitution, according to the constitutional reform procedure."

He explained that the OECD "is going to contribute to various issues, particularly by providing a list of significant areas where this organization’s experience and that of Europe is particularly important." He added that, "it refers to the political regime and choosing between the current presidential regime or an alternative form of political leadership as well as social rights, environmental issues, consumer protection, new individual rights regarding digital issues and institutional issues, such as the Central Bank’s autonomy and the role of the Constitutional Court.”

Mr. Allamand emphasized that "support from the OECD is very significant for the Chilean constitutional process. We will receive world-class technical support that includes the comparative experience and in-depth analysis required by members of the constitutional convention."

Mr. Gurría highlighted that Chile is an active OECD country, which has collaborated on projects such as policy improvements, remuneration, and institutional frameworks in key areas such as competition, education, job skills, governance and fiscal policy.

He said, "I would like to congratulate the Chilean Government for successfully completing the constitutional referendum, despite the pandemic, thus demonstrating that differences can be addressed through dialogue and democratic processes." He highlighted that "it is an honor and privilege to accompany Chile on its road to constitutional reform.”