November 18, 2020

Travel to Chile Plan

Travel to Chile Plan

As of April 5, non-resident aliens are not allowed to enter the country

New entry protocols

- During April, only Chileans, permanent residents, and people arriving from countries without community transmission, as defined by the WHO, will be allowed to enter the country.

- At the time of entry, protocols included in the requirements box will continue to apply.

- Minors traveling alone may quarantine at home and the 5-day quarantine in a transit hotel is not mandatory for them.

New exit protocols

- Leaving the country is not allowed, except special or essential cases, such as carrying out critical activities for the country, humanitarian issues, essential trips for health reasons, or that do not include returning to Chile. Permit to leave Chile may be requested at

Requirements FOR NON-RESIDENT FOREIGNERS entering Chile

1. Proof of a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before boarding. On flights with layovers, the last boarding point is considered.

2. Complete the “Traveler’s Sworn Statement” electronic form up to 48 hours before boarding, in which you must provide your contact information, health and location history. This form will include a QR code as a means of verification. It can be completed at

3. You will have to stay 5 days under quarantine in a transit hotel , where a new PCR test will be performed. If test is negative, you will be able to continue your 10-day quarantine period at your final destination and if test is positive, you will be transferred to a health residence. During the first 14 days after entering the country a follow-up form will be required which will be sent to your e-mail on a daily basis. Timely completion is mandatory.