November 17, 2020
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Chile opens borders to foreigners beginning November 23

Chile opens borders to foreigners beginning November 23
Between November 23 and December 7, non-resident foreigners and Chileans coming from countries with high community circulation of SARS-CoV-2 must quarantine for 14 days and abide by current health regulations.

In addition to a negative PCR test result, foreigners entering Chile from countries with high community circulation of SARS-CoV-2 must have mandatory health insurance and a health passport. They must also complete a monitoring form for their stay and quarantine for 14 days.

Prohibition on non-resident foreigners entering Chile will remain in effect for entry through ports, international crossings, border centers and any other point of entry other than Arturo Merino Benítez Airport. The measure does not apply to Chilean citizens or residents.

Exceptions will be made for the following:

  • Personnel who are essential for the transport of goods to and from Chile.
  • People who enter Chilean territory for the sole purpose of continuing in transit to a foreign country.
  • Argentine citizens and foreign residents of Argentina entering Chile through the Integración Austral and San Sebastián border crossings, provided they abide by instructions from Chilean health authorities.
  • Foreign companions of people with disabilities, reduced mobility or organ dysfunction or individuals who are dying or unconscious.
  • Foreigners who are crewmembers on ships or aircraft that enter Chilean territory.
  • Foreign-born parents or children of Chileans or legal foreign residents who enter the country as tourists. Their status must be accredited before the border official via a duly apostilled or legalized birth certificate.
  • Personnel sent to Chile by other countries or international entities to provide humanitarian aid or international cooperation that Chile has duly accepted.
  • Individuals with diplomatic or official visas issued by the Chilean Foreign Affairs Ministry.
  • Foreign residents legally in Chile, whose request for residency or permanent residency has been submitted for processing in Chile, or whose current residency or permanent residency permit has been granted by the Chilean Immigration Office or provincial governments.
  • Foreigners related to a Chilean or foreign resident legally in Chile through marriage or a civil union accord celebrated abroad and who enter as tourists. As indicated in the Consular Regulations, they must have a safe conduct pass and have previously submitted the corresponding marriage or civil union accord certificate before the respective consulate.
  • Foreigners who must enter the country to do urgent business, under the provisions of the law, with special attention paid to the benefit or gains they bring to the country. Under Consular Regulations, they must have a safe conduct pass to enter.
  • Individuals with a safe conduct pass granted under the provisions of article 66 of the Consular Regulations.
  • Individuals with diplomatic or official passports or international employees authorized by the Protocol Directorate at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.