November 4, 2020
step by step

COVID-19: Positive results from nationwide PCR testing have fallen to 2.98%

COVID-19: Positive results from nationwide PCR testing have fallen to 2.98%
It was also announced that as of Thursday, November 5, the curfew throughout Chile will start one hour later at midnight. However, the Magallanes region and the municipality of Puerto Montt are the exception, where it will continue to start at 8pm.

The Health Minister, Enrique Paris, announced a new assessment of the Coronavirus pandemic and began by highlighting the low positive results from PCR testing, which have fallen to 2.98% nationwide and 2% in the Metropolitan region.

He also mentioned that there has been a drop in new cases in 13 regions over the last 7 days, and in 10 regions over the last 14 days. However, despite the good results, the Minister called on citizens to be cautious and not to fall into triumphalism or relax their compliance with sanitary measures.

“Europeans are tired of the pandemic. They have stepped backwards. Curfews have been re-introduced and quarantine has returned to several major European cities. Fellow Chileans, our country could potentially suffer a second wave of coronavirus and retreat towards greater restrictions with an increase in infections. The Plan Paso a Paso nos Cuidamos (step-by-step we care for each other plan) analyses all municipalities based on strict criteria. We understand that regional and local authorities are concerned and that some municipalities in Chile are weary and suffering, but we ask you to keep up your efforts a little longer. We do not want to have a second wave like Europe, and we will do everything possible to avoid further infections and deaths,” he urged.

He mentioned that some municipalities have not advanced through the phases, but their hard work is showing results. These include La Cisterna, Arica, Tomé, Cunco, Victoria, Pucón, Ercilla, Teodoro Schmidt and Loncoche. He also reported that concern has arisen for Chiloé and Valdivia, where results are getting worse.


The Crime Prevention Undersecretary, Katherine Martorell, announced that the national curfew will begin later. “The schedule for the curfew will change throughout the country. Starting Thursday November 5, it will begin at midnight, instead of 11:00 pm, and will continue until 5:00 am the next morning. Exceptions due to health indicators include the Magallanes region, where the curfew will still begin at 8:00pm,” said Ms. Martorell, who added that “there will be a new curfew schedule in the municipality of Puerto Montt from 8:00pm to 5:00am.”

She added that “Quarantine must be respected. This has enabled us to make progress along the step-by-step plan, and to decrease the movement of people in municipalities still in quarantine, all essential companies with unique collective permits -not those that can operate with credentials- will be required by inspectors to carry their employment contracts, with effect from Monday, November 9 at 5:00 am. This applies both day and night,” explained the Undersecretary.

Step-by-step plan

The following municipalities will move from quarantine to transition as of Thursday, November 5 at 5:00 am:

The municipality of Pichidegua in the O’Higgins Region, Curanilahue and Los Álamos in the Biobío Region, and Frutillar and Fresia in the Los Lagos Region.

The following municipalities move from transition to preparation: Pozo Almonte, Atacama, Tierra Amarilla, Vallenar and Copiapó in the Tarapacá region and Viña del Mar and Valparaíso in the Valparaíso region.

Puente Alto, Buin, Conchalí, San Ramón, La Granja, San Miguel and La Pintana in the Metropolitan Region, Rengo and San Vicente in the O’Higgins Region, and San José de La Mariquinain in the Los Ríos Region.

The municipality of Cerrillos in the Metropolitan Region moves from Preparation to Initial Opening. Furthermore, the sanitary cordon around the Aysén Region will be lifted.