October 29, 2020
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Step by Step – Safe Beaches

Step by Step – Safe Beaches

In Chile, beaches are national assets for public use and so they therefore belong to everyone. Along with guaranteeing free access to our beaches, we have also issued guidelines for making sure that access is safe, thereby reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.


Use of masks

At all times, except in the water or when a person is not moving around and is at least two meters from others.

Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use

Wash your hands with soap and water and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.

Social distancing


At all times, beachgoers must maintain social distancing of at least one meter from others in their group. Towels, lounge chairs and chairs belonging to a single group must also be placed at least one meter apart.

People may remove their masks on the beach when they are not moving around and are at least two meters from others.


Social distancing between groups

A social distance of five meters is recommended.

Avoid group sports

Choose sports you can do alone or with the people in your group while respecting social distancing guidelines. If you are going to use sporting equipment, it is important to disinfect it before and after use.

Avoid sharing beach items, especially among children

Bring your own items.

Teach children not to use toys that belong to others or that they find on the beach. 

Favor established businesses

We suggest that you purchase food and other items you may need from established businesses.

Avoid eating on the beach

Try not to eat on the beach. Bring your own water bottle so you do not have to share with others.

Do not leave trash on the beach

Leave your trash in designated containers, especially when changing and/or discarding your disposable mask.

Avoid crowded beaches 

Favor beaches with fewer people and avoid crowds.

If you experience symptoms, stay at home

Go to a healthcare center for a PCR test immediately.


  • Keep spaces where there is a greater likelihood of crowds closed. Close any equipment or outdoor furniture with direct contact surfaces. This includes playgrounds, exercise equipment, water fountains, benches and any other furnishings whose use involves direct contact.
  • We recommend that beachgoers bring their own items, like chairs or lounge chairs, for personal use.
  • Encourage beachgoers to come in small groups that enable the proper social distancing and other self-care measures to be upheld.
  • Make the social distancing measurements visible on different surfaces using specific signage.
  • Assign teams to monitor visitor compliance with measures.
  • Regularly clean surfaces and items that could come into frequent contact with people. Disinfect shared items (railings, seats, lounge chairs, chairs or umbrellas) daily.
  • Set up and properly maintain trashcans. Take the measures necessary to ensure that trashcans are emptied regularly and safely.
  • If the beach has restrooms, they must be periodically cleaned and disinfected.