October 27, 2020
Proceso Constitucional

Authorities highlight compliance with health measures during the referendum

Authorities highlight compliance with health measures during the referendum
According to the daily report, there are 1,505 new cases. Health Minister Enrique Paris thanked “the people for their exemplary conduct” yesterday.

“First, I want to thank the people for their exemplary conduct at the referendum yesterday. We designed a ‘route to a safe referendum’ and we are proud that it was fully upheld,” said Health Minister Enrique Paris at the beginning of his status report on the coronavirus pandemic in Chile.

The minister also stated that “the people unanimously respected the strategy and took ownership of the message. As the press coverage said, it was a democratic celebration.” He also expressed gratitude for “the joint effort between the Electoral Service (Servel) and the Health Ministry, the collaboration, work and sacrifice by the armed forces, the police and the thousands of people who worked at the polling locations. Their sacrifice was great because, as you know, this referendum was longer than other votes.”

Public Health Undersecretary Paula Daza called Sunday’s vote “an exemplary day when all the measures were implemented at the schools” and “more than seven million Chileans participated in the midst of the largest pandemic in the last hundred years.”

Healthcare Networks Undersecretary Arturo Zuñiga highlighted that the joint efforts to conduct the referendum “show the people’s progress in terms of public health culture.” He called upon those who participated in the election process or were in a crowd to “immediately report to a healthcare center and be seen by a doctor if they develop any coronavirus symptoms, like a temperature of more than 37.8°C, difficulty breathing, a cough, head or muscle aches, loss of smell or taste. If identified as a suspected case, take a PCR test to determine whether it is COVID-19 and take the appropriate isolation precautions.”