October 8, 2020
Proceso Constitucional

President Piñera launches campaign to promote citizen participation in the constitutional referendum

President Piñera launches campaign to promote citizen participation in the constitutional referendum
The initiative seeks to promote civic pride and a sense of civic duty, while complying with health measures so that Chile can safely vote on 25 October.

The President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, introduced a government campaign on Wednesday to promote citizen participation in the constitutional referendum. Using the slogan, “El amor por Chile se hereda” (Love for Chile is Inherited), the campaign will be broadcast from October 14 through 23 and is designed to promote civic pride.

“We have all inherited a love for Chile from our parents and we all love our homeland. As a consequence, every one of us also has the right and the duty to participate in this referendum to honor our proud democratic legacy and to help make the best decision for our country,” stated the President during an event at La Moneda Palace. He was accompanied by Interior Minister Víctor Pérez, Health Minister Enrique Paris, Minister Secretary General of the Presidency (Segpres) Cristián Monckeberg, and Minister Secretary General of the Government, Jaime Bellolio.

In order to ensure their safety, voters must take their own blue ballpoint pen with them to vote and sign the voter registry; polling hours will be from 8 am until 8 pm; polling places will be open exclusively for voters over the age of 60 between 2 pm and 5 pm; voters should go on their own to the polling place, unless they require assistance to vote; masks must be worn at all times; voters must use hand sanitizer before and after voting, respect waiting lines and practice social distancing.

“On Sunday, October 25, the voices of candidates, politicians and government officials will be silent and the voice of the people will be heard, loudly and clearly. It is this voice of the citizens that will peacefully determine our future path as a society and as a country. This is not only the core, but also the most beautiful aspect of our democracy. Let us honor it and conduct a referendum that will make us all proud,” said the President.

The referendum, part of the “Agreement for Social Peace and a New Constitution,” signed on November 15 by representatives from a broad political spectrum, asks citizens to state their position regarding the constitutional process. Citizens must decide if they Approve or Reject the call to write a new Constitution; and chose the body that would draft a new constitution, either a mixed constitutional convention, made up of incumbent members of Congress and representatives elected by the citizens for this purpose, or a constitutional convention, made up entirely of representatives elected by the Chilean population for this purpose.

A total of 14,855,719 Chilean citizens are eligible to vote.