October 7, 2020

The Pacific Alliance opens Tourism Macro-Round, which will be conducted virtually for the first time

The Pacific Alliance opens Tourism Macro-Round, which will be conducted virtually for the first time
The “VI Tourism Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance: Moving forward together to reactivate the industry” was launched with the participation of the highest-ranking tourism officials from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, member countries of the Pacific Alliance, and Argentina and Brazil as invited countries.

From October 5 to 8, the VI Tourism Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance will be held virtually. This four-day event will focus on generating and developing vital short and medium-term business for both inbound and outbound tourism operators.  

Reactivating tourism and the economy is a priority for the governments of every country in the bloc - Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. They are confident that these types of activities are the perfect way to strengthen trade links and create opportunities for tourism companies.

Participating in the business meetings were representatives from companies in the Pacific Alliance member countries, as well as Argentina and Brazil, which were included in this specific Macro Round as invited countries for the first time.  There is a clear goal to join forces in order to support the industry’s recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the VI Tourism Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance, led by the Chilean National Tourism Service (SERNATUR), the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism, PROCOLOMBIA and PROMPERÚ, more than 850 business meetings will be held involving 120 inbound tourism operators from member countries and more than 60 outbound tourism operators from member countries as well as Argentina and Brazil.

This year’s meeting has an academic agenda that includes a series of webinars designed to provide tourism operators with new tools to help them adapt to the sector’s changing dynamics, specifically in terms of resilience, sustainable tourism and connectivity. Renowned experts from the sector and leading tourism companies in the region will be participating in this initiative. 

Chilean Tourism Undersecretary José Luis Uriarte thanked “the Inter-American Development Bank for their support and all of the Pacific Alliance member countries for their commitment to the work being carried out to spur the regional reactivation of tourism activities in our countries. The tourism industry’s recovery depends on coordinated efforts across the continent.  That is why we deeply value what we have accomplished as the Pacific Alliance as well as what we have done via the Organization of American States.”  

“During this stage in the tourism industry’s reactivation we must work as a bloc, together, every country in our region aiming for the same goals. Building the trust of travelers is one of the most important elements, it is key to our sector. Yet, the current situation gives us an opportunity to discover businesses and companies that can provide the tools needed to adapt to the changes we are facing. Certainly, we will encounter very creative and innovative proposals during the VI Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance,” noted the Colombian Trade, Industry and Tourism Minister, José Manuel Restrepo.

Mexican Tourism Minister, Miguel Torruco Marqués stated that “today, we implement another regional initiative to facilitate the reactivation of the tourism sector. The VI Tourism Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance, held virtually for the first time, is emerging as a powerful tool that provides our value chain with unbeatable visibility and scope for marketing tourism products and services. In turn, it perfectly illustrates the joint efforts that have been made in recent months as a regional bloc to accelerate our exit from the crisis in which we are immersed. Today, more than ever, we are in a period of innovation, and therefore, it is time to create and dream of better tourism. With initiatives such as this first virtual Macro-Round, we will make innovation our banner and promote it as a key strategy for competitiveness, development and growth in this exciting activity that is tourism.” 

“In spite of the pandemic, we, as the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry, have never stopped working hand-in-hand with the private sector to assist the tourism industry. Therefore, we are preparing to once again welcome tourists in both the short and long term. I am certain that this is also true for other PA members. Jointly, we have been introducing new protocols and biosecurity seals in order to guarantee a safe trip for the millions of tourists who visit our countries every year. This is how we can ensure the sector’s reactivation in all Pacific Alliance member countries,” confirmed the Peruvian Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Rocio Barrios.

Thus, the Tourism Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance will continue to strengthen its assistance to the industry and stress the importance of the sector in the bloc’s economic recovery. This current round will continue to respond to the growing expectations for business generation that have existed since the first round in 2014.

It is worth noting that in terms of tourism, the Pacific Alliance as a whole is a significant and attractive destination which welcomes more than 60 million tourists, who spend US$38.8 billion. Hopefully, this figure can be achieved once again thanks to joint actions such as the Tourism Macro-Round.