September 30, 2020
Foreign Trade

ProChile organizes the first sustainability roundtable for the agro-export industry

ProChile organizes the first sustainability roundtable for the agro-export industry
In a meeting to which all the trade associations that represent Chile’s food producers and agro-service suppliers were invited, the new agro-export industry sustainability roundtable was launched. The participants identified milestones they will collectively work towards in order to promote sustainable shipments from Chile to the rest of the world.

The trade associations representing the agro-export industry came together for the first sustainability roundtable led by ProChile’s Sustainability Department and chaired by ProChile Director-General Jorge O’Ryan. The purpose of the roundtable is to identify needs and patterns and generate specific initiatives to promote sustainable exports and Chile as a whole.

“Our goal is to develop these values under a strategy of durability over time, which will create an internal culture in our institution and among our clients. Sustainability will thus be seen as a real change that generates new social, environmental and economic standards in Chile,” stated ProChile Director-General Jorge O’Ryan.

He added, “the agro-food industry is an export powerhouse for Chile. In this context, and due to its strategic nature, if we work together, we can transform this industry, enabling it to adapt to these new scenarios through the internationalization of innovation and sustainability as necessary attributes for guaranteeing food safety, competitiveness and the positioning of our country.”

The meeting was attended by the following trade associations: Wines of Chile and the Movement of Independent Vintners (MOVI); the Chilean Fruit Exporters’ Association (ASOEX) and the Federation of Fruit Producers (FEDEFRUTA); organizations representing salmon producers, SalmonChile and the Salmon Council; Chilealimentos representing food companies; several associations representing specific food products — the Avocado Committee, Chile Prunes, ChileNut and ChileOliva; the Chilean Meat Producers’ Association (ChileCarne) and the Pork Producers’ Trade Association (Asprocer); dairy producers’ association Consorcio Lechero; the beekeepers’ organization Red Apícola and an association representing irrigation and drainage firms Asociación de Riego y Drenaje. Also in attendance were representatives of the Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (ODEPA), the Agriculture Ministry and the national fisheries society SONAPESCA.

ProChile was also represented by its Commercial Director in Spain and Coordinator for Europe, Sebastián Pillado, who spoke about the situation in Europe and the Canada-Australia bloc in regard to sustainability. He discussed developing trends and the fact that Chile has attributes that are recognized around the world and that can make it a competitive player in this area.

This first agro-export industry sustainability roundtable led by ProChile reached a number of conclusions, including the importance of initiatives involving working associatively in order to implement policies that are industry-wide and that can position Chile as a true competitor. This will be done by internationalizing sustainability through principles and certifications that demonstrate the real concern that exists in this area.

The roundtable will be held quarterly, and its members will begin to work on an internationalization strategy based on the sustainability of the range of products and products and services that are exported.