September 10, 2020

COVID-19: 10 Chilean municipalities to enter quarantine

COVID-19: 10 Chilean municipalities to enter quarantine
More than 38% of cases in the Santiago Metropolitan Region are asymptomatic.

Health Minister Enrique Paris reported that the nationwide number of new cases has fallen by 1% over the last seven days. The number of cases has decreased in 10 regions over the last week and in seven regions over the last two weeks.

The minister commented that a clear decrease can be observed in the average number of new cases each day, and a large increase in polymerase chain reaction tests.

“Out of all the countries in Latin America, we are the one doing the most PCR tests per million inhabitants and the number of people testing positive for coronavirus is falling steadily. However, we are continuing to have an average of between 700 and 1,000 new cases, although today and yesterday we’ve had many fewer cases,” the Minister said.

He added that “the difference now, compared to the start of the pandemic, is that the large number of PCR tests is enabling us to detect asymptomatic cases. For instance, more than 38% of the cases in the Metropolitan Region at the moment are asymptomatic. Testing allows us to detect and isolate these patients.”

The active search to identify cases across Chile through a testing and tracing strategy has now reached 19%, and 28% of the cases detected are asymptomatic. Positive PCR results at the national level have increased by 7.2%, however, due to the high level of people testing positive in the Magallanes Region. “In Magallanes, we have carried out 208,033 tests per million inhabitants. The level of positive results is very high and this obviously affects the national average,” said Minister Paris.

Throughout the country we are continuing to see some municipalities with worrying numbers, such as La Florida, Melipilla and Rancagua, and an additional effort is required to reverse this situation. Meanwhile, there are districts that have achieved progress, such as Pudahuel, Talagante, Padre Hurtado and Til Til.

Crime Prevention Undersecretary Katherine Martorell then made the following announcements:

– At 11 pm on Friday, September 11, the following municipalities will go into Quarantine: Paine in the Metropolitan Region, Vallenar in the Atacama Region, Molina, San Clemente and the urban area of Longaví in the Maule Region, Coronel, San Pedro de La Paz and Lota in the Biobío Region, and Porvenir and Puerto Natales in the Magallanes Region.

– At 5 am on Monday, September 14, the following municipalities will move from Step 1 to Step 2, i.e. from Quarantine to Transition: Isla de Maipo, Quilicura and San Bernardo in the Metropolitan Region.

– At 5 am on Monday, September 14, the municipality of La Reina in the Metropolitan Region will move from Step 2 to Step 3, i.e. from Transition to Preparation.