September 10, 2020
Proceso Constitucional



For the October 25 referendum, a number of special health and safety measures have been implemented in order to guarantee a participatory, transparent and safe process. The Electoral Service has the authority to establish the rules and instructions which will allow the referendum to take place during the pandemic.

Features of a Safe Referendum

 Special instructions for opening, setting up and operating polling places.


 Extension of polling hours .


 Preferential polling hours for groups of people and a set timeframe for submitting preliminary results from abroad.


  The number of poll workers and official scrutineers and reasons for their excused absence/exclusion to be reviewed, based on criteria established by health authorities.


   A set maximum number of people allowed inside each polling place, controlled access, and social distancing of voters both inside and outside of these locations.


 Regulated use of pencils for marking ballots, as well as other items available for use at the polling place.


  A set maximum number of supporters for each option on the referendum who can be present during activities carried out by electoral boards and in the electoral offices of polling places.


  Mandatory use of masks and adherence to other measures that protect the health of voters and other individuals inside polling places.


  A general and mandatory protocol , in accordance with the Health Ministry, listing the health rules and procedures that must be followed.