August 17, 2020
Foreign Trade

“Chile Keeps on Going for You” the international campaign designed to highlight Chile’s commitment to its exports

“Chile Keeps on Going for You” the international campaign designed to highlight Chile’s commitment to its exports
In order to tell the world about Chile’s commitment to the supply chain and its role as an exporter of world-class food products, Chile’s Export Promotion Bureau ProChile invited the country’s main associations of food exporters and Fundación Imagen de Chile to join them in developing the first public-private international media and social media campaign.

Uncertainty has been one of the greatest impacts of the coronavirus. However, despite the effect that the pandemic has had on various aspects of life, Chile has continued to work, produce and export food safely in the context of the global health crisis. This is the message that Chile is seeking to convey to the world through the digital campaign “Chile Keeps on Going for You.” This is a joint campaign developed by ProChile, Fundación Imagen de Chile and members of the Food Export Committee, such as the fruit exporters association, ASOEX; the associations representing wine and salmon exporters, Wines of Chile and SalmonChile; the meat exporters’ association, ChileCarne; the association of abattoirs and meat processing plants, FaenaCar; and the associations representing the exporters of prunes, olive oil and dairy products, Chile Prunes, Chile Oliva and ExporLac. Their objective is to strengthen Chile’s image as a reliable, high-quality international supplier and transmit the resilience of the Chilean people.

“We want to tell the world that Chile has kept on going in order to meet the needs of the global population. Our industries and supply chain have remained active throughout this period, meeting safety protocols and international commitments and taking steps to maintain standards and the trust of importers and the end consumers. We have come together in this public-private effort to tell the world that Chile Delivers,” explains Jorge O’Ryan, the director-general of ProChile, the public entity reporting to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which is responsible for promoting the exports of goods and services. He adds that developing this sort of public-private initiative is key for the country. “We have to continue to drive the development of foreign trade, which represents 56% of Chile’s GDP and generates around 3 million jobs. This income will be key for reactivating our country.”

Many of the in-person promotional activities that had been organized by the country’s export industries were canceled because of the global health crisis. Ongoing monitoring by ProChile’s Commercial Offices and feedback from the exporters’ trade associations showed that it was necessary to maintain a presence in the markets, supporting the importers in explaining the attributes of the products and services Chile exports.

This led to the development of the campaign “Chile Keeps on Going for You,” which is designed to contribute to positioning Chile abroad and to encourage consumers around the world to continue to choose Chilean products and services. “Chile is recognized around the world for being serious, responsible and committed. This reputation has been built up over many years and so we need to continue to take care of it. This campaign seeks to reinforce one single message through the different stakeholders: emphasizing that we are a reliable country that is open to the world and has talented people working to create quality products.  We are a supplier of healthy food products for the world, and highlighting the things that are made in Chile will be key to reactivating our economy,” explains Constanza Cea, the Executive Director of Imagen de Chile.  The campaign will invite members of the public to visit a special landing page on the Marca Chile site to encourage them to get to know our country, its attributes, and the products and services we export.

“This digital campaign is designed to convey three key messages about Chile and its relationship with consumers around the world: commitment, responsibility and identity. The idea is to create one single message that generates trust in Chile and Chilean suppliers. Finally, another important aspect to highlight is that the campaign is a way in which we can provide our support in response to the difficult circumstances being experienced in Chile and around the world,” explains Ronald Bown, the Chairman of ASOEX.

“It’s vital that we reassure our consumers that Chile will keep on making every effort to continue delivering world-quality food products, in spite of all the challenges we’ve experienced this year. We know how important it is for our consumers to be able to buy quality food products that meet all of the safety standards, and we have made an enormous effort to continue to supply them. Chile’s salmon producers are strongly committed to ensuring our exports are safe and reliable,” emphasizes SalmonChile Chairman Arturo Clement.

Aurelio Montes, the Chairman of Wines of Chile, adds, “at times like these, it’s important for Chile to deliver a message of commitment and optimism to the people around the world who consume our products.  We wanted to be part of this digital campaign as a way of showing the world that we’re still standing, strong and filled with passion to continue making our country, its people and products ever greater.  As an industry, we want to contribute to reactivating Chile and to building a brand that reflects the commitment, sustainability and quality of products and services that are made in Chile.”

ChileCarne Chairman Juan Carlos Dominguez adds, “since Chile opened up to the world, exports have driven the development of the country’s food industry. Promoting the consumption of our products in our foremost export markets will allow us to resume growth and continue to contribute to the development of Chile and the Chilean people.”

Chile Delivers to the World

This digital campaign will be launched in August in major cities in the United States and Brazil and later that same month in China. It will have a four-week focus period.

The strategy involves circulating two audiovisual pieces, whose duration will vary according to the format and platform on which they are being presented. One will have the mission to position Chile from a wider perspective highlighting the attributes that characterize Chile and the second will be focused on showcasing the different industries and the work that they do to contribute to the national and international supply chain. The audiovisual pieces will be shared on the main digital platforms in the United States, Brazil and China in the corresponding language. They will be localized to ensure that the messages published in each market are effective.

The creative concept was developed by the agency Porta, together with the different stakeholders, following a process that allowed each private entity involved to propose different agencies.

The development and implementation of this digital campaign entailed investment of around US$300,000. Most of the funds have come from the private sector, who will help to amplify the campaign through their social media and in their target markets.