August 5, 2020
Official Information

Labor Ministry publishes “Paso a Paso Laboral” (step by step in the workplace): a roadmap focused on workers and employers

Labor Ministry publishes “Paso a Paso Laboral” (step by step in the workplace): a roadmap focused on workers and employers
The document contains important information that everyone in the workforce should know about making workplaces safe and continuously safeguarding the lives and health and safety of workers.

The Labor and Social Security Ministry published today a document that will serve as a roadmap for both employers and workers in the process of returning to work. As part of the deconfinement plan promoted by the Government, this document aims to provide real, practical recommendations, so that everyone in the workforce can become familiar with them and know how to prevent infection in the workplace during the pandemic.

The “Paso a Paso Laboral” (step by step in the workplace) roadmap has 7 steps that will help workers and employers ensure an appropriate return to their activities in the workplace. “The health crisis has definitely changed the way in which we live and work. For this reason, along with the Health Ministry, we have set up this plan that aims to establish a roadmap so that all of us – workers, employers and the Government – can seek and agree on the best way to return to our workplace, as safely as possible and without putting the health of workers and that of their families at risk,” said Labor and Social Security Minister, María José Zaldívar.

Labor Undersecretary Fernando Arab, added: “We want the workers and employers themselves to be the key players in agreeing on and implementing all of the measures that are necessary to ensure the effective protection of the lives and health and safety of the workers in each workplace. To this end, social dialogue is fundamental. The joint health and safety committees in companies play an important role, as they include representatives of both the workers and the employer, who can have a real effect on the measures that are implemented inside the companies. Trade unions, risk prevention experts and employers’ insurance organizations also have an important role to play in ensuring that the measures agreed on effectively contribute to safeguarding the lives, health and safety of the workers in Chile.”

The stages of this roadmap are as follows:

Step1: Keep informed

  • Constantly check the recommendations and protocols on health and safety at work issued by the Health Ministry and other public authorities.
  • Keep up to date regarding the most effective COVID-19 prevention measures.

Step 2: Organize and Agree

  • Integrate workers, trade unions, joint health and safety committees, risk prevention experts and departments and employers’ insurance organizations into the process.
  • Prepare a prevention management program or internal protocol based on social dialogue.
  • Organize the work, establishing measures to prevent and reduce the frequency and type of contact between workers.

Step 3: Raise awareness and provide training

  • Communicate and raise awareness about the preventive measures to be implemented.
  • Inform all company workers about their rights and obligations.
  • Train your workers on preventive measures, among other things.
  • Inform your workers about any changes or variations in the measures adopted by the authorities.

Step 4: Adapt and Implement

  • Adapt the physical workspace according to the measures outlined in the health and industry-specific protocols.
  • Implement a regular cleaning system that includes all spaces, surfaces and elements exposed to the flow of people.
  • Promote and facilitate the necessary conditions and means for frequent hand washing.

Step 5: Prioritize Mental Health

  • Establish spaces for ongoing dialogue.
  • Evaluate the different workloads.
  • Promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Guarantee and comply with the right of people who are teleworking to disconnect.

Step 6: Cooperate with Traceability 

  • Make sure that anyone in the workplace who may have the virus is detected early.
  • Keep a record of external third parties who enter the organization.
  • Specify whether a worker presents COVID-19 related symptoms.

Step 7: Evaluate and Update

  • Evaluate the measures implemented.
  • Monitor regularly and ensure there is social dialogue among relevant stakeholders.
  • Identify or make any adjustments that are necessary.

The Labor and Social Security Ministry will set up the website “Paso a Paso Laboral” ( with information on topics related to work and health and safety at work, as well as the roadmap, which will serve as a guide for everyone in the workforce.