July 14, 2020

Government announces new round of Food for Chile deliveries that will benefit 3 million families

Government announces new round of Food for Chile deliveries that will benefit 3 million families
In his announcement, Social Development and Family Minister Cristián Monckeberg noted that this round of deliveries will bring the number of families that benefit to 5.6 million.

This Sunday, government authorities and mayors from the Metropolitan Region met at Movistar Arena, the storage and preparation area for the second round of Food for Chile box deliveries.

At the event, Social Development and Family Minister Cristián Monckeberg announced a second round of food deliveries for families throughout the country. “First and most importantly, in this second round, which begins this week, 3 million boxes of food will be delivered throughout Chile. One and a half million will be distributed in the Metropolitan Region while the other 1.5 million will be distributed outside Santiago, bringing the total number of boxes delivered in the two rounds of this campaign to 5.6 million.”

The Minister said, “We know perfectly well how hard this pandemic has been. The administration has made significant efforts to create a social protection net to support the families that are going through hard, uphill times and where the need is greater and resources are obviously scarcer.” He noted, “The proposals seek to support middle-income families that are also in need and facing shortages, but have not received any aid from the State”.

The minister said that this new round of Food for Chile deliveries aims “to take care of neighborhood residents by delivering food to their homes so that they do not have to go out, making the quarantine and self-protection measures more effective. In this second round, we are going to provide a great deal of logistics to support the municipal teams, who we know made superhuman efforts to distribute the first round of boxes well.”

New for the second round of deliveries

In addition to increasing the number of families who benefit, the second round of boxes will include new products that cover basic needs.

The Minister said, “The President asked all of us to make an effort to get these food boxes to the families who need them so urgently. He set deadlines and made demands. He very delicately asked for support from the mayors throughout Chile and worked with regional governments and all the authorities to distribute the first round of the 2.6 million food boxes. As a result, we were able to begin this new phase of Food for Chile, with a few new features that reflect the concerns voiced by neighbors as well as the mayors and their teams, who selflessly contributed to making this campaign a success.”

The biggest news regarding this second round is that boxes will contain protein and carbohydrates such as oil, pasta, rice, mashed potatoes, beans, as well as cleaning products and personal care items such as sanitary napkins and condoms.

People with COVID-19 will also receive special deliveries and new logistics will get boxes to families throughout the country more quickly.

The Minister thanked the mayors for their support “for the effort they put into the first distribution and for the ideas they shared to make this second phase successful. They suggested increasing the number of boxes and financial and logistics support for distribution expenses in order to improve delivery.”

Delivery of the new boxes will begin this week.