June 26, 2020

Quarantine put into effect in nine municipalities and a reiterated call to respect the measures put in place

Quarantine put into effect in nine municipalities and a reiterated call to respect the measures put in place
Health Minister Enrique Paris said that movements have not reduced and that the El Monte, Talagante and Calera de Tango, Graneros and Quillota will all be subject to quarantine.

Health Minister Enrique Paris opened the daily update by reporting that in the last week Chile had one million new cases. “This is unprecedented because in just one week we have recorded the same increase in the number of cases that we saw in the 3 months from when the pandemic started. This is a very serious situation at the global level.”

The Minister added, “in Chile, we have a very small improvement in some municipalities but it is not generalized. We continue to be concerned and we will carry on fighting this virus and we need to keep on taking measures that in some ways are extreme in order to prevent the spread of the virus.”

The minister added, “unfortunately, movements have not decreased. More than 24 million controls have been carried out; over 3.14 million controls with the SIMCAR police identification system and 113,000 people have been stopped. That is to say we have still not managed to decrease people’s movements efficiently.”

The Minister made a special appeal to the public to decrease the spread of the virus by “staying at home, complying with the health regulations, washing your hands and using masks.” He added that it is vital “to respect those people who are close to you. We must care for those who cared for us when we were children: our fathers, mothers and grandparents because unfortunately they are the ones with the highest death rate.”

Crime Prevention Undersecretary Katherine Martorell explained that the following parts of the Metropolitan Region will be subject to quarantine as of Friday: “El Monte, Talagante and Calera de Tango. Also the district of Graneros in the O’Higgins Region and Quillota in the Valparaíso Region.”

Undersecretary Martorell added that special measures will be put in place for this long weekend. “Quarantine remains in place for those areas already subject to it and a control point will be put in place at the entry and exit points for Rancagua, Machalí and Graneros to control traffic,” she said. Cordon sanitaires are also being set up for the Metropolitan and Valparaíso Regions and for Greater Concepción for this long weekend.