May 12, 2020

Minister Prokurica encourages the use of copper nanoparticles to combat Covid-19

Minister Prokurica encourages the use of copper nanoparticles to combat Covid-19
The Minister highlighted the work of Aintech, a Chilean laboratory specializing in nanoscience. The firm has used copper to sanitize surfaces in senior citizens’ residential homes, hospitals and public spaces.

In the context of the Mining Ministry’s efforts to encourage the use of copper as a fundamental element for preventing the spread of Covid-19, Minister Baldo Prokurica highlighted the use of copper nanoparticles for disinfecting high-traffic public areas.

The Mining Ministry has protected its downtown Santiago office using Decutec, a quaternary ammonium with Chilean copper nanoparticles developed by Aintech, a Chilean laboratory with nanoscience expertise. Over 1,800 m2 of spaces have been sanitized using this process, including the building’s lobby, elevators and three floors of offices. In addition, the firm has unveiled a unique new product created by its research center: Aircop, an alcohol spray that contains nanocopper.  

Minister Prokurica highlighted, “as a mining country, we can help the world overcome this pandemic through the use of copper as a natural disinfectant. Chilean innovations like this one from Aintech are a great contribution to that effort.  President Sebastián Piñera’s government will thus continue to promote the use of such products in public spaces like hospitals, airports, bus stations and schools.”

The Minister also stated that he will begin talks with Casa de Moneda (the Chilean mint) to incorporate copper nanoparticles into bills and bank cards in order to prevent them from being a vehicle for contagion through viruses, bacteria, molds and germs.

Aintech Commercial Manager Vittorio Stacchetti observed, “we are proud to be able to contribute to sanitizing the Mining Ministry thanks to the nanoparticle that we created using Chilean copper. We have already used it in senior citizens’ residential homes, high-risk areas, municipal buildings, fire stations, hospitals and similar public spaces.  We believe that Chilean nanocopper is a key material for mitigating Coronavirus contagion and transmission in our country and around the world,” he said.

The copper nanoparticles produced by Aintech are unique in their size, purity and stability, which is why they eliminate 99.9% of pathogen agents in the environment and decrease the dispersion of bacterial and viral loads on surfaces, achieving a protective effect that can last up to two weeks.