May 8, 2020

Tourism companies choose sustainability as a differentiating factor for the tourism reactivation phase

Tourism companies choose sustainability as a differentiating factor for the tourism reactivation phase
41 Chilean tourism companies have earned Sernatur’s Seal of Sustainability, which certifies that they have implemented sustainable practices in their businesses.

With an eye to the reactivation of Chile’s tourism industry once the coronavirus health emergency ends, 41 Chilean companies today obtained the Seal of Sustainability. This certification is awarded to tourism companies by the National Sustainability Group, which is led by the Tourism Undersecretariat and the National Tourism Service (Sernatur) but also includes public and private entities.

This brings the total number of companies in Chile that have the Seal of Sustainability to 169. Of them, 131 provide tourism accommodation, which means that there are more than 6,000 rooms with the capacity to accommodate over 13,000 tourists seeking green tourism services in Chile. The other 38 companies are tour operators and travel agencies.

Tourism Undersecretary Mónica Zalaquett said, “today, more than ever before, a commitment to sustainability is going to be a major element in responding to the needs of the new travelers. The pandemic that is affecting us now will mark a turning point for the global tourism industry, changing people’s behaviors and decisions. The Seals of Sustainability that we are awarding today show this commitment on the part of businesspeople and entrepreneurs from the industry to develop tourism activities that are responsible and sustainable.”

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the most cross-cutting economic activities and it is also part of a priority focus area within the sustainable development agenda. Furthermore, tourism will play a key role in the future efforts to reactivate the economy.

Sernatur National Director Andrea Wolleter highlighted that “finding differentiating factors is one of the strategies being adopted by Chilean tourism service providers at a time when they need to prepare in every possible area for when we start to boost this industry in Chile again. The fact that we are today awarding 41 Seals of Sustainability is aligned with the call by the World Tourism Organization to try to ensure that the recovery of tourism takes place in a sustainable manner.”

And this is precisely the aim of the Seal of Sustainability, as it offers an opportunity for companies in this industry to differentiate themselves.

Seal of Sustainability: a commitment to sustainable development

The Seal of Sustainability - known as Sello S - has been awarded since 2013 in order to recognize companies that have implemented practices that are in line with the criteria of global sustainable tourism. On this occasion, the certification was obtained by 32 tourism lodgings providers and 9 tour operators.

The following are the 41 companies: Hostal la Paskana B&B, Hotel Americano, Hotel Boutique Casa Beltrán, Hotel Samaña, Hotel Savona, Panamericana Hotel Arica, Hotel Avenida, Hotel Apacheta and Apart Hotel Viscachani (all in the Arica and Parinacota Region); Acamarachi Tour (in the Antofagasta Region); Hostal Mi Casa, Cuyinco Domos, Cabañas Lita, Cabañas Pixel Llifen, Hostal La Casa, Cabañas Ranco Lauken, Eco Ranco, Cabañas el Candil and Hostal Lago Ranco (in the Los Ríos Region).

Ocio Territorial Hotel, Hotel Balai, Hotel Parque Quilquico, Hotel Pinacoteca El Greco, Patagonia Punto Norte Tour Operator, Agroturismo San Antonio, Hotel Lodge Las Cascadas, Refugio de Caty, Alsur Expediciones, SouthernEx Chile, Andes Nativa, Lahuan Tourism and Cabins, Cabañas Rucahue, Cabañas y Quincho Cordillera, Cabañas Los Avellanos, Hostal La Gringa Carioca, Patagonia Elements, Orígenes Patagonia, Hostería Catalina and Hotel Cumbres Puerto Varas (all in the Los Lagos Region); and Patagonia Adventure and Pire Mapu Cottage B&B (in Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic).

The following companies stood out for achieving level 3 of the Seal of Sustainability, the highest level of this certification: Ocio Territorial Hotel and Hotel Cumbres Puerto Varas, both in the Los Lagos Region.