March 27, 2020

CPC promises a financial contribution and offers a million rapid tests for addressing COVID-19

CPC promises a financial contribution and offers a million rapid tests for addressing COVID-19
Representatives of the Confederation for Production and Commerce of Chile (CPC) went to the Health Ministry to meet with Health Minister Jaime Mañalich and the Healthcare Networks Undersecretary Arturo Zúñiga.

CPC President Juan Sutil, CPC General Manager Fernando Alvear, Chilean Federation of Industry (Sofofa) President Bernardo Larraín and Chilean Chamber of Construction President Patricio Donoso promised to make available to the health authorities a fund of 50 billion Chilean pesos (around US$60 million) to contribute to the strategy for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are facing what is probably the biggest ever health challenge in our history and it requires extraordinary responses, attitudes, and levels of generosity. Therefore CPC, all the associated companies and many families have risen to the occasion and are contributing in a very significant manner to help our fellow Chileans to get through this situation. We know that every day that passes from now until the virus levels peak will be more difficult,” the Health Minister said, thanking the business leaders for their support.

Juan Sutil explained that the first action agreed was the contribution of a million rapid tests for the Ministry to use. “This is a situation that has to be managed minute to minute and we are available to provide you not just with these funds but also with the capacities of all of us: the business people and families who have come forward with all this support,” emphasized Juan Sutil.

He added that the laboratories of all the private facilities of the poultry, pork, salmon, and food industries were also being made available. He also offered the network of 250 points of attention to the workers’ insurance organization Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS) and of the employers’ insurance organizations of the Chilean Chamber of Construction.

The facilities of the Miguel de Servet Clinic were also offered. This has over 100 beds that can be set up immediately.