March 25, 2020

Health Ministry sets up a new hospital center in Huechuraba to boost the healthcare network

Health Ministry sets up a new hospital center in Huechuraba to boost the healthcare network
The 27,000 m2 facility will be located in Espacio Riesco. It will serve patients covered under Chile’s national health service (FONASA) who are 18 or older and require a basic level of inpatient hospital care.

President Sebastián Piñera, Health Minister Jaime Mañalich, and Healthcare Networks Undersecretary Arturo Zuñiga visited the new Huechuraba Hospital Center facility, which will progressively contribute a maximum of 800 beds to the healthcare network.

This facility is part of the measures adopted by the Health Ministry to expand the number of hospital beds available in preparation for the high demand for healthcare services over the coming months.

“In terms of health, we are facing a threat greater than any we have ever seen before in Chile. However, as a Government, we are preparing and will continue to prepare to provide the best possible care to all the sick. Our Government’s first priority is to protect people’s health and lives,” said President Piñera.

The President added: “In these difficult times, I ask that each and every person cooperate, taking care of themselves and of other people, particularly those who are in the at-risk groups,” said the President in closing.

During the first stage, 280 beds will be made available in the coming weeks.

The 27,000m2 facility is equipped with electricity, heating and sanitary services. Huechuraba Hospital center is located near highways, facilitating access and evacuation, as well as a heliport and parking lots. It is also close to other healthcare network facilities.

Including equipment purchases, the new Huechuraba Hospital center required investment of 2.6 billion Chilean pesos.

This new healthcare center is one of a series of measures to strengthen the healthcare network. Other initiatives include the early opening of 5 new hospitals; the construction of modular hospitals; and the setting up of treatment areas and temporary facilities contributed by the Armed Forces, including the Sargento Aldea ship, which will contribute 4,000 beds to the public health system