February 5, 2020

Chile presents its international tourism promotion campaign at FITUR 2020

Chile presents its international tourism promotion campaign at FITUR 2020
The campaign is focusing on sustainable tourism development as well as the wide array of nature and adventure experiences Chile offers.

Chile is at FITUR 2020, Spain’s largest tourism fair, where it presented the new international tourism promotion campaign and its core themes of sustainable development and multi-destination nature and adventure experiences. The campaign aims primarily to lengthen visits and stays, increase spending at the destination and add new tourism products and services to the range currently available. It will also contribute to projecting and relaunching Chile’s image in key markets.

Tourism Undersecretary Mónica Zalaquett noted that “2019 was a year of progressive growth for the European market, which was impacted from October onwards by the social crisis in Chile. In order to mitigate the impact of these events, which are having a serious effect on the image of our destinations, the Government is deploying a series of actions to boost tourism and reactivate the Chilean tourism industry, which is fully operational throughout the country. Our destinations are ready to welcome tourists.”

Ms. Zalaquett added, “the campaign that we are launching at FITUR 2020 aims to boost our positioning in important markets like Latin America, the United States and Asia, and  to increase demand in other European issuing markets, especially countries like Spain, which plays a fundamental role in Chile’s promotional strategy.”

Spain is, in fact, a key issuing market for Chile, ranking seventh among the ten leading issuing markets, with average stays of 23.1 days, particularly during the southern hemisphere’s summer, with overall annual spending of US$122.3 million.

Sustainability: the focus of the new campaign

The campaign that was launched at FITUR 2020 has several strategic areas, ranging from public policies and promotion through to the development of new tourism destinations, products and services, with sustainability as the guiding theme.

In terms of public management, the campaign will support and value Chile’s unique attributes related to its natural landscapes and people, and the tourism experiences that enable it to stand out from other destinations, such as astro tourism, nature and adventure tourism and wine tourism.

The campaign will also promote those tourism services that have Sello S - a label that identifies tourism companies that meet the global criteria set by the World Tourism Organization.

According to National Tourism Service Director Andrea Wolleter, “from the perspective of the range of tourism products and services available, the campaign will not only highlight nature and adventure experiences in protected areas like Torres del Paine, San Pedro de Atacama, Chiloé, the Parks Trail, Araucanía, Rapa Nui or the Elqui Valley. It will also focus on food and wine tourism, astro tourism and immersion visits to indigenous communities.”

“Our promotion strategy is aligned with global trends, whereby people want experiences that are transformative and authentic and we believe that Chile offers people the opportunity to experience a tailormade trip and connect with unique environments and the charm of our people. We are the perfect destination for them to enjoy,” she highlighted.

The Executive Director of Fundación Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea, noted that “our territory is one of the attributes that differentiates Chile’s image. We have a stunning geography of extremes which includes the world’s driest desert and glaciers that are millions of years old. Chile is the entire world in just one country. The identity of the people of Chile, their talents and resilience have been forged by the challenges of this wonderful land. We believe that being at Fitur - one of the most important tourism fairs – is crucial to help make our country a preferred tourism destination.”