January 15, 2020
Foreign Trade

Video game meeting organized by ProChile brings together top executives from Nintendo, Square Enix and Epic Games with local developers

 Video game meeting organized by ProChile brings together top executives from Nintendo, Square Enix and Epic Games with local developers
The event took place at the Sofofa Conference Centre and gave Japanese industry representatives a better view of the levels and characteristics of the development of national companies.

Responding to the institutional mission of connecting the Chilean exportable supply with the international demand in order to promote the generation of new business opportunities and thus boost the local economy, ProChile, in collaboration with VG Chile and Sofofa, organized the first Chile-Japan Video Game Meeting.

The activity brought together nearly three hundred representatives of the local industry, academics, fans and the general public; who were able to get to see the presentations of Steve Singer, Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations (PDR) for Latin America; Alex Palomares, Business Leader of Developer and Third Party Operations for America and Scott Hawkins, Team Leader of Developer Relations for America, all from Nintendo; Takashi Tokita, Creative Producer at ONINAKI (Square Enix) and Christian Andrade, Director of Developer Relations at Latin Epic Games.

"Chile is a very interesting country for the development of video games, I would like them to continue making games as they have been doing," said Takashi Tokita.  Steve Singer also commented that at Nintendo "we already work with Chilean partners, we have distributors and direct sales throughout Latin America.

Tatiana Larredonda, Head of Creative Economy at ProChile, commented that "the high level of Chilean professionals, as well as the success achieved by national companies at the international level by getting presence on popular platforms worldwide such as Steam, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Origin and Epic Store; have positioned our country as a Latin American reference of excellence with high creativity and quality of development, in addition to being the only South American country that has presented itself uninterruptedly at the most important fairs in the sector, surpassing the other countries in the region.

In fact, ProChile's work with the sector began in 2012 with only five companies. Currently, VG Chile - the trade association that brings together these companies - identifies over 80, of which 60 work regularly with ProChile. In fact, our country regularly attends the main international fairs of the sector such as GDC in the United States, Gamescom in Germany, Casual Connect in the United Kingdom, Digital Dragon in Poland and MIGS in Canada; with delegations of more than 20 companies on average.

Video Game Export

According to industry estimates, Chilean video game exports during 2019 will be around US$6.8 million, which represents a 15% increase over the previous year. The projection for this year, always according to industry estimates, is US$8 million, which would mean a new and important growth.

In support of this level of development and the consolidation of the local industry, the Creative Economy Sub-Committee of the Services Export Committee led by the Ministry of Finance, with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Corfo, the National Customs Service and ProChile, modified the customs code for services exports of video games, which in practice will allow a much more precise measurement of exports in this sector, contributing to its professionalization and formalization.

It is important to point out that this meeting is framed within ENEXPRO INDUSTRIAS CREATIVAS, the first Exporting Meeting organized by ProChile exclusively dedicated to the companies of the creative economy. The meeting will take place next Tuesday January 14th and will gather 32 importers, 3 of them of video games, with more than 200 national companies.