December 23, 2019
Foreign Trade

Download: Foreign Trade Report (January-November 2019)

Download: Foreign Trade Report (January-November 2019)
During the period January-November 2019, Chile's commercial exchange with the world decreased by 7.4%, totaling US$ 127,104 million.
Total Chilean exports add up to US$ 63,038 million, showing a decrease of 8.5% compared to the same period of the previous year.
Copper shipments registered a fall of 8.8%, totaling US$ 29,951 million. Such contraction is partly explained by the decrease of the international price of copper by 8.6% interannual.
Non-Copper Shipments totaled US$ 33,087 million, showing an 8.2% drop in relation to the same period of 2018. However, despite the complex international and national context, there has been an increase of exports of Concentrate of Copper, Salmon, Machinery,
Iodine, Pork, Avocados, Cherries, Poultry, Methanol and Frozen fruit.

November 2019

During November, the export activity recovered dynamism in many sectors. One of these cases is the beginning of the export season for fresh cherries, which added sales overseas for US$ 32 million, more than the double of US$ 15 million, reached in November 2018.
Additionally, numerous products such as Iodine, Gold, Potassium, Nitrates, Wine, Silver, Hake fish, Frozen fruits, Poultry and Vegetables, seeds, increased and even doubled their shipments compared to November 2018.