December 2, 2019
Foreign Trade

Download: Foreign Trade Report (January-October 2019)

Download: Foreign Trade Report (January-October 2019)
The shipments of copper concentrate reached an historical maximum in this period, accounting for 57% of the total copper exported, while the shipments of copper cathodes reached their lowest level since 2016.

The shipments of Non-Copper Exports: reached US$ 30,503 million as of October 2019, after a negative variation of 7.8%, which is explained by lower shipments of Cellulose, Iron, Copper wire, Lithium Carbonate, Sodium nitrates and Fertilizers. However, a significant number of products have a positive performance in their shipments abroad, including: Salmon, Iodine, Pork, Poultry, Avocados, Canned fish and Tires, among others. CIF imports totaled US$ 58,556 million, after a 6.0% year-on-year decrease, highlighting the internment of consumer goods, which registered the largest contraction, followed by intermediate goods - which concentrated 50% of the total imported.


In the period January-October 2019, Chile's commercial exchange with the world totaled US$ 116,593 million, after an interannual contraction of 6.9%. During the first ten months of 2019, Chilean exports add up to US $ 58,037 million, showing a contraction of 7.7% over the same period of the previous year. The largest decrease was recorded in mining shipments, followed by industrial shipments, silvoagropecuary and fisheries exports. Copper shipments accounted for 92% of the total exported from the mining sector, totaling US$ 27,534 million, after a 7.6% decline. This is partly explained by the decrease of the international price of copper, which went from US$ 2.99 (average value of the January October 2018 period) to US$ 2.73 in the same period of 2019, equivalent to a decrease of 8.9%. 


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